Gargoyle #60

cover art for Gargoyle 60

Gargoyle #60, is still available, and is full of such lovely folks as Alyse Knorr, Joe Hall, Andy Fogle, and more. The prologue-ish thing to Theater of Parts, “What Toast?” is published in this issue, Summer 2013.

First Issue of Adrienne

adrienne_issue01_coverThe first issue of Adrienne: A Poetry Journal of Queer Women is currently available for pre-order and will be released any time now! Adrienne is a new project from Sibling Rivalry Press, edited by Valerie Wetlaufer. I’m really excited to be in this project and especially in this first issue with such humbling company as Joy Ladin, Ching-In Chen, the late Laura Hershey, and Gazing Grain Press author Meg Day. The journal has a pretty unique structure, featuring sets of ten or so pages from a baker’s dozen of poets. Three of my sequences from Theater of Parts are in this issue: “Traveling: an act,” “Discovery Narrative: an act in five plays,” and “What Doesn’t Need to Be.”

[Edit: Here’s the big cartel link to purchase the issue:]

APARTMENT Poetry Quarterly Issue 2

Some fantastic poets have started a lovely new journal over at APARTMENT Poetry Quarterly. Issue 2 launched yesterday, and Milquetoast and I are roommates in unit 2F. You can read Milquetoast’s adventures over there.

I’m thrilled to be in the issue with Joe Milazzo, CAConrad, and the other incredible tenants. I’m a huge fan of Conrad’s. What a wonderful gift, to be metaphorical neighbors.

[Edit: To navigate to issue 2, click About in the center of the apartment, scroll down to elevator, and click the 2. Enjoy the neighbors along the way.]

My First Craft Swap: An Art Love Story

I read a lot of blogs. I figure, if I’m not making something, I should be reading about making something. Sometimes one leads to the other, as was the case when I was lying in bed reading and I came across Mr. X Stitch’s “Tiny Things” swap recap (part 1, part 2) and announcement for the “Blinded by Science” swap. I got out of bed, revamped my plushies Flickr account, and signed up. I’ve been hungry for community, for collaboration, and for inspiration, and this swap provided all of these wonderful art-making things.

I’ll probably post another links round-up when all of the swap pieces have been posted and the swap round-up has gone up on Mr. X Stitch. I’m so excited about the work so far, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pieces!

Swap Bat in what I think of as the main pose
My fruit bat hoop for xsilverdaisyx

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This site doesn’t know yet what it wants to be. It’s going through a lot of changes as we figure it out. I hope you enjoy a transparent process. <3M

I have begun a celebration of being alive.

(You have to start a blog somewhere, right? So please accept this mundane journalistic love letter to the self and Florence Welch.)

I don’t intend to be melodramatic, but I do intend to speak, even if briefly or circuitously, about mental health. This week is the final “spring break” of my master’s degree and of my fathomable student career. Faced with some time in which I could postpone my immediate concerns, I spent the first weekend of the break sleeping. I framed this three day sleep-binge with visits from a friend on Friday and Monday evenings, and these good decisions provided hope that I was still capable of other good decisions.

On Monday, in a decision that I didn’t yet know was good, I justified buying myself a not-in-the-budget cheesecake sampler by conceptualizing it as a celebration of being alive. This sparked something.

Since then, to celebrate being alive (and a capitalist, evidently) I have:

  • finally purchased the Florence + the Machine album Ceremonials (which came with a surprise love letter from Emma Forrest in the form of a review tucked into its album booklet).
  • made a menu and started cooking–and improvising! Feta-stuffed falafel. Yum. A batch of my kale-carrot soup is still to come. (This might become a food blog.)
  • started a sustainable sprout system for my rabbit, Roger, and myself with a 4-tray seed sprouter. (A hippie food blog.)
  • started composting again with all of the vegetable waste from cooking. (Yepp.)
  • started a creative to-do list on a piece of scrapbook paper featuring interlocking shapes. Like tasks are grouped together in an organic, spatially relevant manner. Good accident.

And, to celebrate being alive, I will stay alive, and I will continue to accomplish the tasks written on that to-do list, including self-care tasks.  All while listening to what Emma Forrest calls “melancholia in its purest, most danceable form.”

Look what I did!

I made a blog. A blog for my whole self. We’ll see.