Chapbook Thunderdome happening at Hyacinth Girl Press

Margaret Bashaar, founder and editor of Hyacinth Girl Press, is playing emperor and sending thirty-two chapbook manuscripts into the Chapbook Thunderdome to battle for publication. Thirty-two will enter; four will leave victorious.

I think this is really great. What a way to handle a great submission pool! The competition will be interactive online, and HGP will even produce a mini-anthology of the thirty-two finalists, Poetry from Beyond the Thunderdome, after a suggestion from Thunderdome poet Allie Marini Batts.

I’m competing with my chapbook manuscript Traveling, a book of prose sequences from my full-length manuscript Theater of Parts.

There will be brackets on Facebook weekly for folks to play along. A Hyacinth Girl Press subscription is being raffled off among those who fill out brackets!

Thanks to Thunderdome poet T.A. Noonan for this image:

TA Noonan_Chapbook Thunderdome meme

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