Two poems at Temenos

"Danceco" by V.A. Smith
“Danceco” by V.A. Smith

“I am always seeing people” and “On some days not in Kansas” at Temenos here.

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Traveling chapbook

Traveling full cover

Traveling (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2015) is available as part of the year five series. Order a signed copy from Mack here.

Cover art by Tristin Miller.

Graham Bell reviewed Traveling for Blotterature, writing: “Traveling collects stories, some dreamlike and some painfully realistic, of a life lived in transit– not only in regards to jobs, relationships, and lessons learned, but personal transit as well– the internal and external processes of knowing oneself; understanding gender and body and persona; learning to put them together as a singular identity; and presenting that identity to the world. Mack’s words are moving and provocative, taking the reader into memories that are raw in their honesty. These memories and private thoughts, sensual and otherwise, elicit emotional responses such that the reader may forget those thoughts aren’t their own.”


Poem from “Mine” at Stirring: A Literary Collection

stirring oct 14

Poem from “Mine” in the 15th Anniversary Issue of Stirring: A Literary Collection.

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Imaginary Kansas Chapbook


dancing girl press published my chapbook Imaginary Kansas at the end of 2015. Order a signed copy from Mack here.

Cover art by Lane Pearman.

Imaginary Kansas is a project that fragments and queers longing. It ruminates on heteronormativity and desire. Imaginary Kansas existed as an artist’s book object made by Melissa Hill in an edition of one in the Call and Response exhibit Parallel Lives during the 2013 Fall for the Book festival. I’m excited to experience its next life.


“What Toast?” at Cahoodaloodaling


“What Toast?” reprinted at Cahoodaloodaling (from Gargoyle). You can read “What Toast?” here.

Cahoodaloodaling has published a themed issue entitled The Animal Becomes Us. The call asked for a wide interpretation of the theme, and I sent Milquetoast’s origin story, the preface piece of Theater of Parts. This piece was originally printed in Gargoyle, and I’m happy for it to share space here with other beasts, including a piece from Sally Deskins and Laura Madeline Wiseman.

Knoxville mini-tour: Pop-up Poetry, Monsterworks Workshop, SAFTA Reading Series

This weekend February 6 through 8, Sarah Ann Winn and I will be on a mini tour of Knoxville, Tennessee thanks to Sundress Academy for the Arts and Sundress Publications!

On Friday, we will participate in the Dirty Laundry First Friday Reception at Paulk+Co. The event features the photography of Diane Corey, community arts projects from KnoxKnowHow and Breaststrokes Knoxville, and, of course, pop-up poetry from SAFTA.

originalOn Saturday, we will give a writing workshop at SAFTA. In Monsterworks: Hybrid Genres and Revision, we will explore collage, remix, and a little bit of book arts to revise stuck projects in any genre and to create new pieces. We did a mini-sode of the SAFTAcast to talk about the workshop and…other things. A lot of other things.

On Sunday, we will join Artress Bethany White in the SAFTA Reading Series at The Birdhouse.

This weekend is the launch of Sarah’s chapbook from Sundress Publications, Portage. My full-length collection Theater of Parts is forthcoming from Sundress in 2016. I’m so excited for this trip and to hang out with the wonderful folks of SAFTA and Knoxville!