Theater of Parts (Sundress Publications, 2016)


Mine (Big Lucks Books, 2017)

Imaginary Kansas (dancing girl press, 2015)

Traveling (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2015)



Selections from Theater of Parts, Bared: Contemporary Poetry and Art on Bras and Breasts (Les Femmes Folles Books, 2016)

Section of “Traveling: an act,” Poetry from Beyond Thunderdome (Hyacinth Girl Press, forthcoming 2015)

Selection from “Traveling Again,” Menacing Hedge: A Limited Edition Anthology for AWP 2015 (Menacing Hedge, 2015)

Selection from interview, Les Femmes Folles: The Women 2014 (Les Femmes Folles Books, 2015)

“Modern Monsters Makeup and More,” FREE MONSTER POEMS ABOUT MONSTERS (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2015)

“Havelock spots inverts at the county fair” and “Later, at the county fair,” The Queer South (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2014)

Photo credit: Loud Fire, 2012.
Loud Fire, 2012, photo credit: Sarah Marcus


“A giant that appears small,” inkscrawl (2015), poem (from Imaginary Kansas)

“What some version of us does in Kansas City,” Winter Tangerine Review (2015), poem (from Imaginary Kansas)

“[In this one, I imagine myself as a],” “Why can’t we be married and live in the farmhouse your parents bought on a whim?,” and “Undressing in front of your photograph in the evening,” Melancholy Hyperbole, three poems (from Imaginary Kansas)

“i like simple things” and “if you don’t sleep, you,” Hot Metal Bridge: University of Pittsburgh MFA Lit Mag (December 2014), two poems (from “Mine”)

“What Toast?” Cahoodaloodaling (October 2014), poem sequence (from Theater of Parts). Reprinted from Gargoyle.

“Traveling Again,” Menacing Hedge (Fall 2014), poem sequence (from Theater of Parts and Traveling)

“i think it is a paradigm shift…” Stirring: a literary collection (October 2014), poem (from “Mine”)

“Business Confessions of Fire Flower,” Finery (August 2014), poem (from s/m BROS collaboration with Alyse Knorr)

“Prologue,” “Remember the New Guy,” and “Obviously Raccoons Can Fly,” Cloud Rodeo (2014), three poems (from s/m BROS collaboration with Alyse Knorr)

“Paper house,” Cactus Heart (2014), poem (from Imaginary Kansas)

“I am always seeing people” and “On some days not in Kansas,” Temenos (2014), poems (from Imaginary Kansas)

“Little Generals,” “Sideshow: Milquetoast Recruits Brood II,” “Interlude: Transformation Narrative,” “Sideshow: Milquetoast Joins Brood II,” “Interlude: Milquetoast Wonders on Dissociation,” and “Ambulating,” APARTMENT Poetry Quarterly, Issue 2 (2013), six poems (from Theater of Parts) [To navigate to Issue 2, click About in the center and scroll down to Elevator]

Not This,” Wicked Alice (2013),  Poem sequence (from Theater of Parts)

Loving on Glitter Tongue Anthology,” So to Speak online (2012), review

“Crochet Away: A Trans* Activist Considers Gender, Needle Crafts, and Family Relationships,” So to Speak online (2011), essay


“To see the thing,” Stone Highway Review (forthcoming 2014), poem (from Imaginary Kansas)

“Sylvia,” “Crisis,” “To the tune of mutability,” and “To the tune of night,” Switchgrass Review (forthcoming 2014), two sequences and two poems (from Imaginary Kansas)

“To the tune of waste,” Stone Highway Review, Issue 3.3 (2014). poem (from Imaginary Kansas)

“Nantucket,” “And then,” and “If Odetta,” Ocho: a journal of queer arts, Issue 32 (2014), three poems


“In Between Acts: A Dramatic Fantasy,” “The Poet and The Actor Discuss Cellular Memory,” and “On Cellular Memory,” Fence Magazine (forthcoming 2015), three poems (from Theater of Parts)

“Traveling: an act,” “Discovery Narrative: an act in five plays,” “What Doesn’t Need to Be,” Adrienne: A Poetry Journal of Queer Women, Issue 1 (2014), three poem sequences (from Theater of Parts and Traveling)

“What Toast?” Gargoyle, Issue 60 (2013), poem sequence (from Theater of Parts)

“Crochet Away: A Trans* Activist Considers Gender, Needle Crafts, and Family Relationships,” Heartfelt Passion collective zine project edited by Maryam Sodeifi (2011), essay

“Queer folks love puns…” queer & ally community zine edited by Maryam Sodeifi (2010), anonymous poem-graphic

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