Interview at Les Femmes Folles

In the month of November, my friend and colleague Nicole Tong curated a series of interviews with writers at Les Femmes Folles: Women in Art and she was kind of enough to include me. LFF is a curated spotlight on women (ish in my case) artists in any media. Les Femmes Folles is run by Sally Brown Deskins, an artist I greatly admire, informed and inspired by Wanda Ewing.

Nicole’s series included myself, essayist and short fiction writer Kirsten Clodfelter, travel writer Amy Gigi Alexander, and poet Allison Wilkins.

Nicole and Sally were also kind enough to reprint one of my cable shopping poems, which Stirring: A Literary Collection has nominated for a Pushcart. You can read my interview here, in which I discuss gender and Gazing Grain Press and national parks and cable shopping poems and breaking systems down and:

My First Craft Swap: An Art Love Story

I read a lot of blogs. I figure, if I’m not making something, I should be reading about making something. Sometimes one leads to the other, as was the case when I was lying in bed reading and I came across Mr. X Stitch’s “Tiny Things” swap recap (part 1, part 2) and announcement for the “Blinded by Science” swap. I got out of bed, revamped my plushies Flickr account, and signed up. I’ve been hungry for community, for collaboration, and for inspiration, and this swap provided all of these wonderful art-making things.

I’ll probably post another links round-up when all of the swap pieces have been posted and the swap round-up has gone up on Mr. X Stitch. I’m so excited about the work so far, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the pieces!

Swap Bat in what I think of as the main pose
My fruit bat hoop for xsilverdaisyx

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