Stone Highway Review, Issue 3.3

I’m really excited to have a poem in the latest issue of Stone Highway Review (Issue 3.3).  Stone Highway is one of the first markets I ever wanted to have work in, as they started up and caught my eye right when I was starting to think about sending out work near the end of my MFA. Stone Highway is an imprint of the wonderful Sundress Publications. My poem “To the tune of waste” is in this issue; it is one of the first poems I wrote toward my chapbook manuscript Imaginary Kansas. I’m also thrilled to share journal space with the incredible Kirsten Clodfelter!

You can purchase the print issue or download a pdf here.

Cactus Heart Issue #8

When I was sixteen, I identified as a cactus. Last year, I found a journal that does, too. I found Cactus Heart through Lambda Literary, and I developed quite a crush on them. I’m pleased to have a poem from my Imaginary Kansas chapbook, “Paper house,” in Issue 8. This is an e-issue, available for $5.00 here.

The Rebirth of OCHO

This month sees the rebirth of OCHO as A Journal of Queer Arts. I’m particularly thrilled to share pages with Valerie Wetlaufer and Alyse Knorr. I have three poems in this issue, two of which are brand new, and one of which has been looking for a home for some time.

Here’s the process statement I sent them: “These poems are outside of any of my main projects, but they are related to a chapbook I’m working on called Imaginary Kansas—an obsession on beloveds made distant by geography, identity anxiety, and a general culture of refusal. “If Odetta” is the oldest poem here, and it predates the Imaginary Kansas manuscript but shares its subject matter. “Nantucket” and “And then” are new poems, and it is interesting to me how the three of them form a narrative. A sad narrative, perhaps, but definitely one of borrowing from other sources, from imagination, from memory.”

Here’s some audio:

Temenos Fall 2013 now live

Temenos put out a call for submissions a while back that included a special print issue themed on obsession. So, I sent the creepiest poems from Imaginary Kansas. They chose two for the Fall 2013 online issue, which is now live. I’ve read through the poetry section so far, and I particularly enjoy the two poems from Detroit-based poet Sonya Pouncy. “Seedbed” is really compelling in its content, voice, and form. Yes, in everything, and how the parts work together. Head on over to read them and to read my two little shorts: “I am always seeing people” and “On some days not in Kansas.”

Gargoyle #60

cover art for Gargoyle 60

Gargoyle #60, is still available, and is full of such lovely folks as Alyse Knorr, Joe Hall, Andy Fogle, and more. The prologue-ish thing to Theater of Parts, “What Toast?” is published in this issue, Summer 2013.

First Issue of Adrienne

adrienne_issue01_coverThe first issue of Adrienne: A Poetry Journal of Queer Women is currently available for pre-order and will be released any time now! Adrienne is a new project from Sibling Rivalry Press, edited by Valerie Wetlaufer. I’m really excited to be in this project and especially in this first issue with such humbling company as Joy Ladin, Ching-In Chen, the late Laura Hershey, and Gazing Grain Press author Meg Day. The journal has a pretty unique structure, featuring sets of ten or so pages from a baker’s dozen of poets. Three of my sequences from Theater of Parts are in this issue: “Traveling: an act,” “Discovery Narrative: an act in five plays,” and “What Doesn’t Need to Be.”

[Edit: Here’s the big cartel link to purchase the issue:]

APARTMENT Poetry Quarterly Issue 2

Some fantastic poets have started a lovely new journal over at APARTMENT Poetry Quarterly. Issue 2 launched yesterday, and Milquetoast and I are roommates in unit 2F. You can read Milquetoast’s adventures over there.

I’m thrilled to be in the issue with Joe Milazzo, CAConrad, and the other incredible tenants. I’m a huge fan of Conrad’s. What a wonderful gift, to be metaphorical neighbors.

[Edit: To navigate to issue 2, click About in the center of the apartment, scroll down to elevator, and click the 2. Enjoy the neighbors along the way.]

“Not This” up at Wicked Alice

Today, a sequence of my poems went up at Wicked Alice. This sequence comes from my book manuscript Theater of Parts, and the form is based on two other sequences in the book, some of the poem-things that claim to be dramatic forms.

I’m so grateful to be in Wicked Alice, and I’m pleasantly surprised to have found a home for this sequence. I have so much respect for the editor, Kristy Bowen, and I love and respect when I am welcomed to publications that are women-centered.

You can read the sequence here.

These are my first poems to make it out into the wider world. It’s quite a way to jump in, as the intimacy of the speaker here aims to counteract the distant speaker elsewhere in the project. Productive discomfort. Problematic academic voice. Lots of good stuff. <3M